Friday, 20 November 2009


In a queue late? In a bloody queue late my furry ass! Quite literally as it happens. "In a queue late" was actually "innoculate". Have you any idea what "innoculate" means. I'll tell you what it bloody means. It means being dragged to some ridiculously clean and sterile dump, being pinned down by the long man, whom I had previously trusted, and having a dirty great big needle stuck up your backside! Absolutely lovely, mint, fantastic, just bloody marvellous. As much as I'd like to sit here and explain more, I can't, my butt is too bloody sore. Far too sore to sit for any length of time. And so I'm going to lie down in a darkened room and plot my revenge. They'll be sorry, you just mark my words, they'll rue the day they messed with me.

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