Sunday, 15 November 2009


Was pretty lonely, sleeping alone for the first time ever, but at least I didn't have my siblings boney bits sticking in me so, you know, every cloud and all that. The long man and the woman with the clippy-cloppy shoes slept in my room, but up on a big, soft bed, all I had was a tatty old pillow and a blanket. Still, they looked terribly tired so I left them to it, but mark my words, the bed WILL be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!
Had a lovely dream, chasing a cat through a tunnel, and was within a hairs breadth of catching the furry little swine when there was this awful beepity beep beep noise and the long man jumped out of bed. Scared the bloody life out of me.
Started the day with a lovely poo, curled it out majestically on the furry thing near the long man's bed. Was quite proud of myself, but the long man took it away, and I'd been saving it for later. Not in the least bit fair in my opinion, next time I'll hide it under something.
Settled down for a nice snooze, intending to indulge the long man in a bit of nippy, growly fun later when I heard a door slam and found myself alone. And they'd left the bloody radio on, which wouldn't have been so bad but I hate Radio 4. Women's hour was okay though.

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