Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fried day

Oh, I am getting to like this place. I roll out of bed in the mornings and before I've even finished pooing, weeing and sniffing the skirting boards my breakfast is ready. Not too happy with the obscenely early mornings, but the people all leave the house shortly after breakfast and stay out of my way all day, giving me plenty of peace and quiet.
The lady with the clippy-cloppy shoes was in a rush today and left the door open, allowing me unrestricted access to all areas. It wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be, but I did find that I could easily get up onto one of the little peoples bed. It was much comfier than my bed I must say, I think I shall need to take that up with the long man. Not happy at all. A bonus to my new found freedom was the variety of chewable things left strewn across the little peoples floor, and no one to stop me from chewing them!

I discovered it was quite a long way back down to the white paper square, but fortunately there is a long, furry thing on the floor outside the bedroom for me to poo on. It's much softer on my butt cheeks too. Bless him, the long man came home first and, because it's quite dark on the landing, he stepped in my poo and before he had noticed he'd left little poo-ey footprints all the way to my bedroom. I think he was a little hard on himself, shouting and using words that I didn't understand, but I wasn't angry because he did clean it up himself. Hopefully he'll be more careful in the future.

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